Your Fitness is simply down to a frame of mind

Whenever any one of us in the world makes that initial decision to start a new workout or weight loss programme, undoubtedly at some point there will be a drive to find a way for this new fad to fit into our current lifestyle. We all have to work. We all have to get enough sleep, right? So, there are only so many hours in each week that we can devote to this little endeavour of ours.


That said, only a small minority of us fully realise that it is our current lifestyle that has got us into the shape we are in now. That setting aside 3 hours a week is not going to be enough to get those abs we wish we had when we look in the mirror. Fully appreciating and more importantly, accepting this, is the first step to changing your mindset.


Re-training yourself has to come from many different angles all at once.


Take me for example, i never ate breakfast. A 9am coffee at my desk used to keep me going until half ten, at which point i’d volunteer for the tea-run and cheekily have a look at the canteen whilst i was there. i had to re-train myself right at the beginning. Nowadays, the first thing i do when i wake up is drink a glass of water. I refill the glass with some juice & stick on the kettle and make a short, sharp shot of coffee for myself. At a bare minimum i also force myself to eat some cereal. If i have the time i get some eggs on the go, or even make a fruit smoothie, or both. Breakfast is key to fueling the rest of my day. Believe you me, it is THE best weapon to prevent your energy levels dipping in the mid-afternoon.


Having had my brekkie, my food intake throughout the day became a lot easier to manage, whilst my 24-7 tiredness and sleepless nights became a lot less noticeable. Long-gone are the days of my lunch plate looking like a mountain of food. Now I try and snack every 3 hours. That is not to say that i don’t still feel hungry at the end of each snack. I know i could keep on eating. But i have learnt to know my body needs to keep going throughout the day & therefore not only have the time, but the energy to fit more into my day.



Looking good naked was my number 1 priority however. Simply eating healthy and sensibly was not going to get me there alone. So, setting aside time for the gym to work on my muscles & abs is of course a necessary evil.



What i am currently in the process of trying to teach myself is that it isn’t enough to whip out 100 crunches and call it a day. You need to be thinking all day about your abs, your posture, your activities in a way that will keep your mid-section working all day.


So for example, while i’m sitting at my desk right now this minute; i have to keep telling myself to uncross my legs, sit up straight & suck in my stomach. Or even when i am standing in line somewhere, think about what my stomach is doing. Is it just sitting there relaxed? Are my shoulders hunched over as always?


If you want to truly focus on an area like your mid-section you can certainly multi-task some extra work for them throughout your day. You just have to practice. Pretty soon you will do it without even thinking about it. That’s when you start to see true change!

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