7 Ways Pilates Tones Your Body

Pilates is everywhere but many people don’t fully understand what it is. Pilates can help flatten your stomach and tone your entire body.


Pilates was invented over 80 years ago by a German Immigrant to the United States, Joseph Pilates. It was a technique originally developed for dancers to help with deep body conditioning and injury rehabilitation.


It involves a series of non-impact exercises designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance your body without adding bulk or stressing your joints. And, Pilates is not just for Hollywood stars…..you too can start to learn the basics of Pilates with the FREE DVD, "Pilates Made Easy!"


Have you ever Rolled Like A Ball, performed The Frog, The Corkscrew or The Seal? Sounds like the fun games that kids play doesn’t it? Actually these are just a few of the classic movements you’ll learn with Pilates Made Easy. And YES.…exercise can be fun WHILE helping you to sculpt the lean body you have been dreaming about.


How Can Pilates Improve Your Health and Fitness Levels

Pilates is different from other traditional forms of exercise because it:

1. Creates longer, leaner muscles versus bulky muscles that can be obtained from traditional weight training.

2. Improves postural problems and helps strengthen the back, not stress the back like many other forms of exercise.

3. Increases core strength and stability allowing you to make more progress flattening your tummy and midsection.

4. Helps prevent injury by building strength equally throughout your body, not focusing on one single area.

5. Heightens body awareness, which teaches you how to engage each muscle group, allowing you to get more out of each and every workout.

6. It is easy on your joints because there is NO impact versus the impact of many aerobic classes and other high impact forms of exercise.

7. It improves performance in sports, dance and other activities by balancing the strength in your entire body, especially your core area (abs, low back, hips and butt). It improves balance, coordination and circulation which improves your overall health and quality of life.

Don’t miss out. You have nothing to lose except fat, inches and that extra weight that you have been trying to lose. Get your FREE Pilates Made Easy DVD now!

Mark Dilworth, BA, PES



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